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Brief Biographies of Directors

The Board of Directors comprises highly renowned professionals drawn from diverse fields. They bring with them a wide range of skills and experience to the Board, which enhances the quality of the Board❜s decision making process.

The brief profile of your Company❜s Board of Directors is as under:

Shrikant Zaveri: Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Shrikant Zaveri is a doyen of the Indian Gems and Jewellery Industry and is one of the most respected personalities of the Gems and Jewellery Industry in India. He has a rich experience of more than thirty four years in the Gems and Jewellery industry. He has completed his education upto matriculation. He took over as the managing partner of the business in 2001. He continued his forefather’s business with one flagship store at Zaveri Bazar, and given his immense efforts, your Company presently has thirty showrooms, out of which twenty nine own showrooms and one franchisee showroom, in twenty three cities and ten states across India.

forefather’s business with one flagship store at Zaveri Bazar, and given his immense efforts, your Company presently has thirty showrooms, out of which twenty nine own showrooms and one franchisee showroom, in twenty three cities and ten states across India.

During the current financial year with his vision and immense efforts your Company has started its first franchise store at Dhanbad (Jharkhand) and your Company has started its business activities on Ecommerce Platform with Snapdeal, Flipkart and Amazon. He has also taken up the additional responsibility by taking the additional charge of Chief Executive Officer of your Company.

With his considerable wealth of experience, Mr Shrikant Zaveri brings immense value and insight to the Board of TBZ.

Mr Zaveri was the founding member and chairman of the Gems and Jewellery Trade Federation. He has been awarded the Retail Jewellery Award for lifetime achievement in the year 2007. He also won the Retail Leadership Award from the Asia Retail Congress in the year 2013.

Binaisha Zaveri: Whole-time Director

Ms. Binaisha Zaveri holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and finance from the Stern School of Business, New York. She joined the business in 2004 and has diverse experience across verticals. She is involved in all aspects of the business including human capital management, operations, finance, business development, marketing and merchandising. She has been actively involved and has been a key player in the opening of showrooms in twenty three cities across ten states.

Raashi Zaveri: Whole-time Director

Ms. Raashi Zaveri holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and entrepreneurship from the Kelly School of Business, Indiana University and is a graduate gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America. She joined the business in 2008. She is involved in the management of the Company’s enterprise resource planning systems and is actively engaged in accounting, merchandising and general corporate management.

Kamlesh Vikamsey: Independent Director

Mr. Kamlesh Vikamsey has a bachelor’s degree in commerce from the University of Mumbai and is a qualified chartered accountant. He has more than thirty three years of experience in Accounting and Finance, Taxation, Corporate and Advisory services. He is a Member of Independent Management Advisory Committee (IMAC) ofInternational Telecommunication Union (ITU), Geneva, Switzerland, External Audit Committee (EAC) of International Monetary Fund (IMF), Washington D.C., United States of America & Audit Committee of United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), New York, United States of America. He is also member of Appellate Authority constituted under section 22A of the Chartered Accountants Act, 1949 & Accounting Standards Committee of Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT).

He was a Chairperson of the Audit Advisory Committee of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and a member of Indian Advisory Board at Intuit. He was President of the Confederation of Asian and Pacific Accountants (CAPA) 2007-2009 and was Deputy President of CAPA during 2005-2007. He was a Board Member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) from 2005 until 2008. He was past president of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) during 2005-06. He has served as a member of various advisory and expert committees at national and international levels, including as a member of the expert committee constituted by the Central Government for the promotion of the Gems and Jewellery industry in 2007 and was a member of the Accounting Standards Committee of SEBI in 2005-2006.

Mr. Vikamsey joined TBZ Board on 26th August, 2010 and has given valued contribution to the Board of Directors. He is Chairman of the Audit Committee and member of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee. He has brought to bear upon these Committees, his vast and varied experience gained from his profession and as Director on the numerous companies on whose Board he serves.

Kamlesh Vikamsey Profile

Kamlesh Vikamsey-App. Letter

Kamlesh Vikamsey-Appointment Letter(19-24).pdf

Ajay Mehta: Independent Director

 Mr. Ajay Mehta has a bachelor❜s degree in science from University of Mumbai and a master❜s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Texas. He has over thirty one years of experience with chemical, petrochemical, fertiliser, manufacturing and investment companies. He is presently the Managing Director of Deepak Nitrite Limited. He is a member of the executive Committee of Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture and various other developmental institutions and social organisations. 


Mr. Mehta joined TBZ Board on 14th December, 2010 and has given valued contribution to the Board of Directors. He is Chairman of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee and Stakeholders Relationship Committee and the member of the Audit Committee, Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (CSR Committee) and Risk Management Committee. He has brought to bear upon these Committees, his vast and varied experience gained from his profession and as Director on the numerous companies on whose Board he serves. 

Ajay Mehta Profile

Ajay Mehta-App.Letter

Ajay Mehta-Appointment Letter(19-24).pdf

Sanjay Asher: Independent Director

Mr. Sanjay Asher has a bachelor❜s degree in commerce and a bachelor❜s degree in law from the University of Bombay. He is also a qualified chartered accountant and a solicitor. He has over twenty six years of experience in the field of law and corporate matters. He is presently a senior partner at M/s. Crawford Bayley and Co., and deals with corporate laws, laws of mergers and acquisitions and capital market transactions.

Mr. Asher joined TBZ Board on 14th December, 2010 and has given valued contribution to the Board of Directors. He is member of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee. 

Sanjay Asher Profile

Sanjay Asher-App.Letter

Sanjay Asher-Appoinment Letter(19-24).pdf

TBZ-Familiarization Prog 14-15

TBZ-Familiarisation Prog.(15-16)

TBZ-Familiarisation Prog.(16-17)

TBZ-Familiarisation Prog.-ID(17-18)





Regulation 33 Results





TBZ Reg.33-TBZ_Audit_FinResult_310319.pdf

TBZ Reg.33-Unaudit_FinRes(31Dec18).pdf


TBZ-Unaudit Fin. Res(30.06.18).pdf

TBZ_Audit_Fin_Result_310318 (1.21 MB)

TBZ-Unaudited Fin.Res.(31.12.17) (1 MB)

TBZ-Unaudit Fin.Result(30.09.17)BSE (2 MB)

TBZ-Unaudit Fin.Result(30.06.17)BSE (3 MB)

TBZ-Financial Results(31.03.17) (4 MB)

TBZ-Unaudit Fin.Result-September 16 (329 KB)

TBZ-Unaudit Fin.Results-June16 (266 KB)

TBZ_Consol_Aud_Report (130 KB)

TBZ-Audited Financial(31.3.16) (425 KB)

TBZ-Unau.Fin.Res- Dec.15 (523 KB)

Clause 41 Results

TBZ-Unaudited Financial Results 30-Sep-15 (373 KB)

June 15 Quarter Result (235 KB)

TBZ - Audited Financials - 31.03.2015 (BM- 12.05.2015) (373 KB)

TBZ- Unaudited Result Dec 14 (31.12.2014) (376 KB)

TBZ Audited Annual Results 31.03.2014 (376 KB)

TBZ - Unaudited Financial Results - June 2014 (286 KB)

TBZ Audited Financial Results 31.03.2013 (343 KB)

Audited Clause 41 financials as on 31.03.2012 (199 KB)

Quarterly Results

TBZ-Unaudit Fin.Result-Dec.16-Qtr. (271 KB)

September 14 Quarter Result (314 KB)

December 13 Quarter Result (245 KB)

September 13 Quarter Result (273 KB)

June 13 Quarter Result (209 KB)

December 12 Quarter Result (221 KB)

September 12 Quarter Result (289 KB)

June 12 Quarter Result (257 KB)

Annual Report

TBZ-Annual Report(2018-19).pdf

TBZ- Annual Report (17-18).pdf

Annual Report 2016 - 2017 (5 MB)

Annual Report 2015 - 2016 (3.69 MB)

Annual Report 2014 - 2015 (5.50 MB)

Annual Report 2013 - 2014 (2.70 MB)

Annual Report 2012 - 2013 (4.0 MB)

Annual Report 2011 - 2012 (1.96 MB)

Notice Ad

Notice BM dated (634 KB)

Notice AGM Book Closure (748 KB)

Clause41 Notice (35 KB)

Notice Ad (428 KB)


Annual Return

TBZ-Annual Return-MGT-7(March 2019).pdf



Subsidiary Companies Financial Results


Konfiaance Jewellery P.Ltd.-Fin.Res.-2016-17 (4 MB) 

Konfiaance Jewellery Private Limited Financial Results 2015-16 (1.08 MB)

Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri(Bombay) Limited Financial Results 2015-16 (1.83 MB)

Konfiaance Jewellery Private Limited Financial Results 2014-15 (2.03 MB)

Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri(Bombay) Limited Financial Results 2014-15 (3.65 MB)

Konfiaance Liquidation status


TBZ(Bombay)Ltd.-Fin.Res.-2016-17 (4 MB)


Investors Information


IEPF & Unpaid


     Notice and Intimation



TBZ Policies 

Notice Ad


AGM 2013-14 (Results & Proceeding)

Media Room

      2 Awards with PR(26.08.15).pdf
B-Rev. Credit Ratings(31.12.15).pdf
BSE-Intimation of Book Closure - 04 Aug 2014.pdf
BSE-Notice of AGM - 04 Aug 2014.pdf
BSE-Outcome of BM - 04 Aug 2014.pdf
Franchising Opportunity - Press Release(14.01.2015).pdf
Intimation-of-Three Awards(31-08-12).pdf
N-Int FA Dhanbad(08 11 15).pdf
NSE-Intimation of Opg of Showroom-Jamshedpur - 8 Aug 2014.pdf
Notice-ad (1).pdf
Outcome of BM dtd. 15.06.15.pdf
Outcome of Board Meeting (03.02.2015).pdf
Outcome- BM (04.08.15).pdf
PR- Dhanbad-Franchisee(191015).pdf
PR-Bandra Store Opening(22.10.15).pdf
PR-Dhanteras Offer(02.11.15).pdf
Press Release - Intimation of shifting of existing Borivali showroom (15.4.2015).pdf
Press Release- Snapdeal.pdf
Rescheduling- BM(04.08.15).pdf
TBZ - BSE-Notice under Clause 41(07.07.2014).pdf
TBZ - Outcome of Board Meeting (BSE) - 12.05.2015.pdf
TBZ- BSE-Closure of Trading Window-Clause 36 (07.07.2014).pdf

Green Initiative in Corporate Governance

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has taken a 'Green Initiative in Corporate Governance' by issuing circulars (vide circular nos. 17/2011 and 18/2011 dated 21st April, 2011 and 29th April, 2011 respectively), and allowing paperless compliances by Companies through electronic mode. Further, in line with recent circular (vide circular ref. no. CIR/CFD/DIL/7/2011 dated 5th October, 2011) issued by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and consequent changes in the Listing Agreement, Companies can send Annual Report in electronic mode to Members who have registered their e-mail addresses for the purpose. Members who have not registered their e-mail addresses with the Company can now register the same by submitting duly filled-in 'E-Communication Registration Form' attached at the end of this Report (also available on our website, to M/s. Kfin Technologies Private Limited/ Secretarial Department of the Company. The Members holding shares in electronic form are requested to register their e-mail address with their Depository Participants only. The Members of the Company, who have registered their e-mail address, are entitled to receive such communication in physical form, upon request.

Electronic Form Consent(19-20).pdf

Green Initiative Format (2012 - 2013) (112 KB)

E-Communication Registration Form (94.9 KB)


Reg. 40(9)&(10)

Regulation 7(3)

Reg.32(1)-Stat. of Deviation



 Recon. of Sh.Cap.Aud.Report


Reg.24(A)- Secretarial Compliance Report


Regulation 23(9) - Related Party Transaction





Reg.74(5)- Depository Participant







Large Entity- Undertaking